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Selecting the right kind of tea can be a difficult process. Keep in mind a few things before selecting your tea. You need to pick the tea that appeals to you and works with your physical and mental status. Our goal is to ensure that you are able to find your cup of tea. We would like to start with the amount of caffeine that you would like in your drink.

If the answer is that you do not want any caffeine, a herbal blend will be the right choice. Herbal tea is not technically tea as it is not made from Camellia Sinensis, the tree plant. There are a wide variety of infusions such as vanilla and red berry. White tea is another good choice. For a person who loves caffeine, the next step is to decide on how strong you would like it.

The real tea comes from the Camellia Sinesis. You can get black tea, green tea, Earl Grey, Oolong tea, English Breakfast, etc. While a light cup of tea could mean white or green, black tea is what you need if you are looking for a full-bodied cup. For someone who would like scented or flavouredtea, tastes such as jasmine, lemon, mango can be added to the drink. Mango is added to black tea while lemon with green tea. There are some beautiful combinations that can enhance the flavourof the tea leaves and give you a refreshed feeling.

Look at the blends category on our website for more details on which flavourto pick. An in-between cup would mean an Oolong tea. This tea has the properties of both the green tea as well as the black. They are to be brewed more than once and are sometimes sweet with bracing tastes. Pick the tea that makes your day and your day is complete.