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Pick your tea well

Tea is one of the most popular brewed beverages that is relished and enjoyed all over the world. There is a tough competition between Tea and Coffee and it is hard to tell which the clear winner of the day is.  While the types of coffee are not as vast, there are many types of tea from which an avid tea-drinker can choose from. The different flavours that are infused into the tea also have their special benefits. Your need for the day can help you decide which tea you would like to have.

Factors that affect the tea

The flavour of this beverage is very much dependant on the location in which it is grown. The climate of the venue, the altitude of the location and the kind of soil in which it is grown has a direct impact on the quality and flavour of the tea leaves harvested. The other important factor is the process of making the final produce. Blended teas have a completely different texture and taste when compared to a regular tea.

This comforting treat of a drink is consumed in different ways in different countries. While the method of making the tea remains fairly uniform, there are different ways of consuming it. The basic method involves boiling water, adding tea leaves to it, and filtering it. What is done to the drink afterward is where the creativity is.

Tea with Milk

The inception of tea began with drinking the water in which the leaves were boiled in. Adding milk to the mixture began in the 1980s, and it became known as Pearl Milk Tea. It was nothing but black tea that was sweetened using evaporated milk. Today, milk and sugar are added to the tea water. The amount of milk and sugar added to the cup of tea can change the taste of the tea in a very significant way. A cup of cold tea sounds just as wonderful on a hot summer’s day. Iced tea is making its way into the houses of those who want a way to escape their summers.


Once the tea is prepared and let to cool down to room temperature, it is poured into a tall glass filled with ice cubes. This is a much-preferred beverage during the summers. Lemon or a pinch of baking soda can be added to the drink to add flavour and smoothness.


Tea is the main ingredient of a hi-tea gathering. A pot of tea, a jug of milk and some cubes of sugar on a beautiful silver tray is a beautiful sight indeed. The tempting golden colour of the beverage is a sight for sore eyes. Some cookies or biscuits to join the beverage and it is indeed a party.

Hybrid Tea

In countries like Russia, their tea is a prepared after mixing the essence of different types of black leaves. These leaves are brewed separately and mixed together in a cup. A multi-chamber pot known as a samovar is used where there is a chamber for water and one for brewing the tea.

Masala Tea

Adding spice and cream to the tea is a native of the Indian sub-continent. Spices such as ginger and cardamom are added to the tea essence along with milk and a dash of sugar. This tea is believed to bring physical health as well as emotional calm.

Tea Blending

More than ninety percent of Britain’s tea is the popular brand that mixes up to thirty-five different teas. The flavour, character, and quality are something that is paid attention to in detail so that they remain constant and consistent. Every popular blend has a special recipe that becomes the trade secret of the company. It is vital for this recipe to be consistent or it throws the brand out of balance. The tea blender has to make sure that the proportions are maintained so that the taste does not change. Some tea comes with a lot of stalks. The best are said to be stalk-free and free from flakes as well. the coarse leaves that are found with the rest just imply lack of fine-picking. The tea leaves have to b well-rolled using the right amount of pressure while processing. The flavour of the tea is directly connected how well the leaves have been picked and processed.